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Meditation In Action Chogyam Trungpa Pdf 15

In our context we talk about this central challenge of leadership as joining reflection and action. We need to recognize the appropriate time for, and have the courage to engage each when appropriate, so that the result is wise action, rather than the expression of a habitual allegiance to either impulsively acting or overly deliberating. This is a difficult and often unarticulated challenge of leadership. When we are exploring, listening, contemplating, inquiring, we are open to and saying YES to our experience, to looking directly at whatever arises. Once we decide on a next step, the moment of clear action is saying NO quite definitely to all the other possibilities, second thoughts, hesitations and fears that might crowd in on us. The sequential dance between reflection and action ideally continues as feedback arises and consequences unfold. As individuals we tend to be more comfortable or skilled in one rather than the other; we need to learn to wield both. There are similar challenges/opportunities in joining masculine and feminine styles, in working with the balance of yielding and stubbornness, and so on.

Meditation In Action Chogyam Trungpa Pdf 15



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