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Best Darkest Hour Mods

Best Darkest Hour Mods

Darkest Hour is a stand-alone Hearts of Iron game that features a mixture of short and in-depth campaigns set across the darkest chapters of the 20th century, from the outbreak of the Great War up to the onset of the Cold War. The game has a vibrant modding community that has produced many high-quality mods that enhance the gameplay, add new scenarios, and explore various historical and alternative possibilities. Here are some of the best mods for Darkest Hour that you should try out.


Kaiserreich is one of the most popular and well-known mods for Darkest Hour. It explores what would happen if Germany won the First World War and the world was plunged into a second global conflict in the 1930s. The mod features a rich and immersive lore, a dynamic and complex political system, hundreds of events and decisions, dozens of factions and countries, and countless possibilities for alternate history. Kaiserreich is a must-play for any fan of Darkest Hour who wants to experience a different and challenging scenario.

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New World Order 2

New World Order 2 is a mod that expands the game through the entire Cold War era and beyond, from 1945 to 2020. The mod adds new technologies, units, events, decisions, and mechanics that reflect the historical and contemporary realities of the post-war world. You can play as any country in the world and shape its destiny through diplomacy, espionage, economy, military, and ideology. New World Order 2 is a comprehensive and realistic mod that offers a long and engaging gameplay experience for Darkest Hour.

Fallout's Doomsday

Fallout's Doomsday is a mod that turns Darkest Hour into a strategy version of the Fallout series. The mod is set in a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear war between the United States and China in 2077. You can choose from various factions and regions that have emerged from the ashes of civilization, such as the Brotherhood of Steel, the New California Republic, the Enclave, the Legion, and more. The mod features new graphics, sounds, music, units, events, and mechanics that capture the atmosphere and lore of the Fallout universe. Fallout's Doomsday is a fun and unique mod that offers a different perspective on Darkest Hour.

The Bonaparte Legacy

The Bonaparte Legacy is an alternate history mod for Darkest Hour that imagines what would happen if Napoleon Bonaparte won his wars and established a lasting empire in Europe. The mod is set in the early 20th century, where Napoleon IV faces a coalition of enemies that seek to overthrow his regime and restore the old order. The mod features new countries, events, decisions, units, leaders, flags, and maps that reflect the historical changes and challenges of this scenario. The Bonaparte Legacy is an interesting and original mod that offers a fresh and exciting gameplay experience for Darkest Hour.

These are some of the best mods for Darkest Hour that you should check out if you want to spice up your game and explore new possibilities. There are many more mods available on various websites and forums that cater to different tastes and preferences. Darkest Hour is a game that has a lot of potential for modding and creativity, so don't hesitate to try out new mods and have fun with them.


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