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Crack Il 2 Sturmovik Battle Of Stalingradl

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad - A Review

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is a combat flight simulator game that recreates the epic air battles of World War II over the Eastern Front. It is the latest installment in the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight games for more than ten years. In this article, we will review the game's features, gameplay, graphics, and historical accuracy.

Crack Il 2 Sturmovik Battle Of Stalingradl



The game offers a variety of features that cater to different types of players and preferences. Some of the main features are:

  • A historically accurate Single-Player Career mode that features a challenging AI system. You can serve in a fighter, attack or bomber squadron and make your way from a new pilot to the squadron commander. You can also choose your pilot's biography, read squadron histories and check the newspaper for info about the progression of the war delivered weekly to your squadron.

  • A Quick Mission Builder that allows you to create your own custom missions with various parameters and settings. You can also share your missions with other players online.

  • A Multi-Player Mode that supports up to 84 players in one server. You can join or host cooperative or competitive missions with your friends or other players from around the world.

  • A Player Controlled Tanks feature that lets you take control of a tank and participate in ground battles. You can choose from several types of tanks, such as the T-34, Panzer III, or KV-1.


The gameplay of IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is realistic, immersive, and challenging. The game simulates the physics, aerodynamics, damage, and systems of the aircraft with great detail and accuracy. You will have to deal with factors such as engine management, fuel consumption, weather conditions, navigation, and enemy fire. The game also features a complex damage model that affects both the visual and functional aspects of your plane. You can see bullet holes, oil leaks, broken wings, and other signs of damage on your plane. You can also lose control of your plane or experience engine failure if you sustain too much damage.

The game offers two difficulty modes: Normal and Expert. In Normal mode, you have access to some helpful features such as icons, labels, navigation aids, and simplified engine management. In Expert mode, you have to rely on your own skills and knowledge without any assistance from the game. You will also face more realistic enemy AI and more severe penalties for damage.


The graphics of IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad are stunning and impressive. The game uses a new graphics engine that supports DirectX 11 and VR devices. The game renders the scenery, weather, clouds, lighting, explosions, and smoke with high quality and realism. The game also features detailed 3D models and textures of the aircraft, tanks, buildings, and terrain. The game's map covers an area of 358x230 km over the city of Stalingrad and its surroundings. You can see landmarks such as the Volga river, the Mamayev Kurgan hill, and the Red October factory.

Historical Accuracy

The game strives to recreate the historical events and atmosphere of the Battle of Stalingrad with accuracy and authenticity. The game's campaign follows the timeline of the battle from August 1942 to February 1943. You can fly in missions that are based on real historical records and documents. You can also encounter historical figures such as Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Erich Hartmann, or Lydia Litvyak.

The game features eight aircraft that participated in the battle: four Soviet planes (I-16 type 24, LaGG-3 series 29, IL-2 AM-38 (1942 year's model), Yak-1 series 69) and four German planes (Bf-109 F-4, Bf-109 G-2, Ju-87 D-3, He-111 H-6). If you buy the Premium Edition of the game, you will also get two additional Collector Planes: La-5 series 8 and Fw-190 A-3. These planes were cutting edge during the time of battle and as they just started to arrive to the frontline as the battle drew to a close. The game also features several types of AI-controlled planes, such as the Pe-2, U-2, or Ju-52.

The game's sound design is also realistic and immersive. You can hear the roar of the engines, the whine of the propellers, the crackle of the guns, and the screams of the pilots. You can also hear radio chatter from your wingmen, ground control, and enemy pilots. The game supports English, Russian, German, Polish, French, and Spanish languages for the interface, subtitles, and voiceovers.


IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is a must-have game for any fan of combat flight simulators and World War II history. The game offers a realistic, immersive, and challenging experience that will test your skills and knowledge as a virtual pilot. The game also features a rich and diverse content that will keep you entertained for hours. Whether you want to fly solo or with your friends, in normal or expert mode, in a fighter or a bomber, in a plane or a tank, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad has something for everyone.

If you are interested in buying the game, you can visit the official website or the Steam store page. You can also check out the other titles in the IL-2 Sturmovik series, such as Battle of Moscow, Battle of Kuban, or Flying Circus.


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