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Chicago's Riverwalk program has created physical, economical, environmental, and social connections for residents and visitors alike. Recognizing a need to create further connections and opportunities within the Chicago community, Third Millennium Group, building owner of 300 S. Riverside Plaza, engaged architecture firm, DMAC Architecture, to propose a new vision for a south branch Riverwalk. The proposed Westbank Riverwalk vision will provide job opportunities to the community and further promote a connection to the environment.

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Westbank Riverwalk at a Glance

Why the Westbank Riverwalk?

Chicago’s Riverwalk has historically realized a 70% return on investment.
To date, the City has invested in Riverwalk East improvements that have spurred greater tourism, substantial private business investment, and increased the tax base substantially, but has yet to realize the potential of Riverwalk West.
An estimated 200 construction jobs will be created for the Westbank Riverwalk development. An estimated 330 jobs will be created to manage the Westbank Riverwalk facilities, tourism, and restaurants.
Riverwalk investments contribute to the quality of life in Chicago and improve our economic competitiveness as a city. 

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From Concept to Action: Westbank Riverwalk Coalition Petition


The Inspiration for the Westbank Riverwalk

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Westbank Riverwalk Project
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